Media Buying

media buying graphicBack in “the day” media buying was pretty simple. Set the budget, and decide what mix of radio, print, and television ads you wanted to run, by market.

It’s a new game. Companies must recognize, and acknowledge the fact that effort in multiple media areas must be put forth.

The “Drivers”

  • Budget
  • Message
  • Target demographic characteristics (age, sex, industry, etc)
  • Target DMA (cities, states, countries, etc)

We analyze your campaign and create an integrated approach to your media buying plan.  Every plan must at least consider each of the following:

Media Options

  • Instagram
  • Twitter
  • YouTube
  • Facebook
  • Other social media (SnapChat etc)
  • Cable Television
  • Network Television
  • Radio – conventional
  • Radio – satellite/web
  • Outdoor signage