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There are times when a letter arriving in an envelope is the right way to communicated. It might be an elderly family member, or an important business communication. But who wants to print, stuff, place the stamp, and go to the post office? Not us! Add to that the complications of doing this all while you’re traveling abroad?

Lettrix mobile app for iOS and Android is the ideal solution. Download the mobile app, create your free account, and start writing. After you write your message, add the recipient and sender addresses, then pay our low per-page fee we do the rest.

We print, stuff, apply postage and mail it from a US location.

Another exciting feature of Lettrix mailing app is the ability to create custom post cards!  Select an image from your phone, add your message, and fill in the recipients! We do the rest  for you!

Visit the App Store or Google Play and download the app today!

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