Live Streaming Video

Neovix Inc makes streaming live video as easy as possible. Be it from your office, your laptop, or from an event on location, we make it happen!

Streaming Live Content

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Advertising Insertion

Turn your visitors into profit! We supply advertisers to your site! We have both internal ad insertion, as well as multiple ad networks at our fingertips. In minutes you’ll be generating revenue!

Streaming an important event can be, well, scary. But it doesn’t have to be. We’ve been streaming live video since 2005! We’ve completed live streaming productions of everything from funerals to Aerosmith in concert!

With our streaming platform, you can be up and streaming an event in minutes. Use your cell phone to stream on the fly, or a produce a full 8-camera produced streaming of a concert in stereo! It’s up to you! We can show you how to stream with free tools, or help configure the exact technology to train your team to produce more elaborate productions.

Every event is a little different, so please CONTACT US with your needs, and we’ll respond with our best recommendations to meet your needs!

If you are looking for a team to provide the full streaming services required for your event, please CONTACT US and we’ll provide a quote for the required services. including cameras, videographers, bandwidth, websites, and more. We have trusted contractors worldwide and can provide all that is needed for a successful live streaming event!